What happens if you cheat on keto?

Cheat on Keto
Cheat on Keto

Cheat On Keto

When we go for any particular diet related plan then we always think about cheating. Ketogenic diet can also be cheated upon but think twice before doing this.  This is really normal with everyone but if you are interested in knowing that what harm this can do to your health then you can definitely go on till the end so that you can have complete information in your mind before you start cheat on keto. This article will definitely help you out and you will be able to figure out everything when you will read it till the end.

You should definitely know that cheat diets can be harmful. Many people are already cheat on keto at regular intervals but you don't have to be in that category. Keto based diet is stricter to be followed and during this diet plan, you will always have the craving for the cheat meals.

What effects will you face after cheating on a keto diet?

If you are going to consume snacks which are heavy in carbohydrates and you are consuming them regularly then you will definitely come out of ketosis state and all your hard work which you put in just because of coming into ketosis state will go in vain.

Your Ketone levels will start falling now and you can definitely test them. You can also think yourself that when you are spending so much time just to adapt your body for ketosis and then if you will interrupt it then how will you be able to remain in the state of ketosis for a longer duration of time.

Cheat on keto will also affect your body system of adapting towards fat. When you will follow a keto diet plan then your body will start adjusting and there are many other processes which will take place just according to your ketosis process.

Your body will also start optimizing burning fat as a fuel when you will be in your ketogenic diet and if you are not able to maintain ketosis then you will be losing all the benefits related to burning of fats that you might get at the end.

When you will cheat on your keto diet then this will also affect your sugar levels in blood and you should also know that your body will not be able to stabilize blood glucose in a good way.

Your blood sugar levels will also go up to a very high level and this can be really dangerous for you.

Junk foods can decrease your controlling power and you will start craving again for cheat meals. It takes time for the taste buds to get adapted to the ketogenic supplement and ketogenic food.

But in middle if you again start consuming something from the cheat meal then adaptation becomes tougher as you again feel like going for the delicious unhealthy food. But then you will have carb intake more than required in your body.

Cheat on keto will also increase the risk of keto flu. Also, you might be prone to various diseases including fatigue-less, low energy, fever and bloating sometimes.

This can happen when you suddenly switch from the ketosis diet to the non ketosis diet. This changes the functioning of body organs.

But there are few ways when you will be able to see it in the right way on a ketogenic diet:

You can follow a cyclical ketogenic diet in which you will have to eat a standard ketogenic diet for around five days followed by a couple of ways in which you will be eating higher carbohydrates.

You will be able to manage your lean muscle mass with this way and you will not be facing great difficulties and adopting the ketosis process completely.

You can also cheat on keto consciously by consuming more keto friendly foods which can be high on carbs as well.


It completely up to you whether you want to you cheat on ketogenic diet or not but if you are doing that then you will have to be ready for all the consequences which are going to come after that.

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