What is the fastest way for a kid to lose weight?

Weight Loss For Kids

The Quickest Way To Weight Loss For Kids?

Weight loss for kids is easiest procedure for weight loss because kid have good metabolic rate, strong will power, good energy levels and children are still growing we should not stop from eating their favorite food items instead we can make delicious healthy food and make their street food with healthy twist at home and motivates them for being part in sports so, that they can lose weight as well as they don’t feel frustrated and they can enjoy during this weight loss journey.

  • Encourage kid to participate in sports for weight loss

Encourage kid to participate in sport

You should encourage your kid for participate in sports events or sports day in school and motivate them to adopt their favorite sports as their passion as it will help them for weight loss, increases stamina, energy level as kid have plus point that they can do more physical activities with flexibility and they can speedy recover injury as compared to adults.

You should also participate and spend more time with kid like you should play games with them so, that instead of playing video games they starts playing hide-seek, kabaddi or cricket which will creates sportsmanship and leader quality which also leads to increase brainpower and stamina.

It will assist your kid for weight loss journey. If you encourage kid for participation in sports you never know in future they will become sports man like Sachin tendulkar or Virat kohli.

  • Choose health food options
Healthy Foods For Kids
Healthy Foods For Kids

Choose healthy food options for your kid such as popcorn or home-made sweet corns with chips, lemonade with cold drink, fruit pudding with ice-cream, home-made pizza with processed pizza etc.

Add fruits, nuts like almonds, cashew and milk etc in their regular diet which also leads to other health benefits as well.  As you cannot force them or push them make this healthy habit in regular life. T

his is the last option left for their weight loss. These dishes should also be delicious options so, that they can enjoy while eating.

  • Stick and carrot Algorithm

In corporate systems stick and carrot algorithm is followed as if employee performs good they rewarding with increment or with promotion and they make loss in company they punish or fire from company as well .

You can do same in your kid case as if they reduce weight reward them with gifts or visit their favorite place with them and if they gain weight punish for the same in this manner stick and carrot algorithm will work in weight loss for kid as well as in favor for your kid future.

  • Support love and care.
Love and care for kids
Love and care for kids

Your behavior with your kid affects lot in their future as well in their behavior you should support them for adopting healthy eating habits, regular exercises as well as traits which may help them to shape their future as your kid future is our country future. Support love and care is key’s for success.

We hope that by these baby steps you will give your child better future


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